The Trenchless pipe patching technique consists of sliding inside the damaged pipe a sheet of fiberglass fabric impregnated with our resin, which is deployed in the pipe to be rehabilitated. Subsequently, pressurized air is introduced to allow polymerization of the resin. Our Trenchless point repair technology offers the same structural capacity as the original pipe, if not more, and gives the sewer pipes back their full water sealing qualities, thus prolonging their service life. You will not have to do any earthwork or incur any expensive landscaping repairs. For more information, contact us at DRAIN DANCAR.

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No earthwork or landscaping repairs to perform

What is “Trenchless spot repair” or “CIPP Trenchless sewer repair”?


The green solution. Commonly referred to by the names of “CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) spot repair”, "sewer point repair", and “sewer pipe patching”, this trenchless pipe repair system is one of the most popular techniques used to rehabilitate damaged pipes.  This method belongs to the large family of technologies known as “Trenchless Technology” (without excavation of trenches). 

Trenchless pipe patching : Rehabilitation instead of replacement​

Trenchless pipe patching is a versatile technique approved and used in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors as well as in civil engineering.


**Talk to your insurance company about Trenchless pipe lining (Gainage) as an option.


* A camera inspection must first be carried out by one of our professionals in order to evaluate whether the gainage method is a suitable solution to your situation

Drainage Problems? Root problems? Are your pipes clogged or collapsed? DRAIN DANCAR is at your service.

A green solution. No volatile compounds or toxic odors.

80% reduction in the carbon footprint of a construction site (reduction in emissions related to trucking, transportation and use of heavy machinery).  An ecologically responsible methodology for the rehabilitation of sewage pipes.

Full rehabilitation of sewer pipe is usually completed in one day.

Extends the life of your pipe for up to 50 years under ideal conditions.​

​Trenchless pipe rehabilitation is the more economical and cost saving method when compared to the conventional excavation procedure. No earthwork or expensive landscaping repairs to be carried out.

Work guaranteed for a period of 5 years.

​​Work carried out by a professional team and specialist in this field: DRAIN DANCAR.