'Found and fixed the drainage problem quickly and effectively. Extremely knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend them. Thank you very much. Great work!!!'

- Lina Lopano 

Welcome to DRAIN DANCAR !

"Needed urgent service on this Friday before Christmas. 7AM sharp Giovanni and his team are at the door with positive energy and before you know it all is flowing again! Thanks for the quick and professional service. "

​- Rudy Cellini‎ 

"Boy did we have a big messy problem in our garage, but thanks to Drain Dancar, a company of very good service, very punctual and most importantly to us, a great satisfying ending. We want to thank all the guys for being friendly plus for doing such a wonderful job. We totally, with no hesitation recommend you for all your good services."

- Jeannine Valdron‎  


Drain Dancar plumbing company has been specializing in drainage since 2005.  Our expertise in sewer backups has enabled us to build our solid reputation, in both the residential and commercial sectors.  With a wide range of services, Drain Dancar also offers the homeowner an alternative technology to repair the sewer drain with its certified CIPP Trenchless sewer repair system.

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